For Dawn Durrett, the Walk to End It is personal.

A person dear to her was once the victim of a horrific attack: They were unwittingly drugged and then raped for money. Much later, Durrett learned this crime was a form of human trafficking. “It doesn’t matter if it’s one time or 50 times,” she says. “That’s what happened.”

So when Durrett first heard about the Walk to End It, part of Safe Harbor’s efforts to help survivors of trafficking, she immediately decided to lead a team. “I did not hesitate at all,” she says. When you believe in a cause, she says, “you can no longer stay in the background. If you really want to see change and effect change, you have to be the change.” She believes it’s also important to set an example for her own kids by teaching them what human trafficking is and why it’s important to stand up for vulnerable people.

Durrett assembled a team of four last year, and this year is aiming for 10 to 20. Her advice to other team leaders: When you’re asking someone to join your team, don’t just say, “It’s for a great cause.”

“It IS a great cause,” she says. “But why is this cause personal to you? If they understand why it matters to you, then they’ll join this team.”

The 6th annual Walk to End It will take place on September 30, 2023. Funds raised will support Safe Harbor’s Human Trafficking program, which helps survivors of human trafficking heal and rebuild their lives. Interested in leading a team? There is no fee to register for the Walk. To register, go to Contact Sara Tiamson at for more information.