Safe Bars

The words Safe Bars RVA in a dark circle surrounded by yellow and grey circles. This is the Safe Bars logo.

We are a collective of hospitality workers and sexual violence prevention professionals aiming to address sexual the issue of assault/harassment originating in places that serve alcohol. Our goal is to increase safe(r) nightlife experiences for folks in the greater Richmond region.

Why Bars?

About half of all sexual assaults involve alcohol. Unwanted sexual attention, including verbal harassment and touching, occurs frequently in bars, restaurants, and clubs. We know that alcohol doesn’t cause sexual assault, but it’s used as a weapon to incapacitate targets and as camouflage to excuse aggressor behavior. Bars, restaurants, clubs, and breweries also have some of the highest rates of workplace sexual harassment of any industry in the U.S., harming workers and their workplaces alike.

Training Info

Training sessions are 2.5 hours and interactive. Our curriculum focuses on two main areas– recognizing unwanted sexual aggression and targeting; and responding to it. We cover the scope and causes of sexual aggression, and then use an active bystander intervention framework to empower staff to step in when they suspect inappropriate behavior. We present multiple methods of intervention so that staff can tailor their responses to their own comfort levels and identities. 


  • Kailie Smith, Founder; Director of Outreach, Education, and Community Engagement, Safe Harbor
  • Elena Brooks-Perkins, Director  of Community Engagement, Hanover Safe Place
  • Liz Timmons, Senior Sexual and Domestic Violence Therapist, Safe Harbor 
  • Sophia Kim, General Manager, Longoven
  • Tameika McCoy, Advocate Coordinator, VCU Counseling Services
  • Brandon Peck, Beverage Director, The Jasper
  • Robin Sawyer, Violence Prevention Specialist, YWCA
  • Lindsey Scheer, Venue Manager, Broadberry Entertainment Group
  • Kaylin Tingle, Healthy Relationships & Violence Prevention Educator, University of Richmond
  • Tyler Wallace, Bartender, Cask Cafe

Donate to Safe Bars RVA to help us cover travel costs, train new members, and offer scholarships for your favorite bar, venue, or brewery!

Contact Information

Kailie Smith, Founder