Court Advocacy

Court Advocacy

Our Court Advocate Program works within the Henrico County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and provides services to persons seeking protective orders. The Court Advocacy Team is also available to support survivors in Henrico County General District Court, as needed. Cases that involve family members, married couples, intimate partners who have lived together in the last 12 months, or share a child are seen in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

Our court advocate provides crisis intervention, safety planning, and helps clients navigate the court system, which can be complex and re-traumatizing.

While our Court Advocacy team does not provide any legal advice at any point in the process, our team can provide resources for pro bono legal aid if requested. People coming in to court are often frightened or confused. While a lot of our work involves explaining procedures and talking about options for safety, we are also there to act as a supportive presence. The Court Advocacy Team’s goal is to make the process as smooth and as easy as possible.

We provide these services to anyone regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, immigration status, gender identity or expression, faith, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, and geographic location.

To access these services, call 804-501-7696.