Safe Harbor Board President Mary Catharine Ginn Kolbert (third from left) with staff members (left to right) Cathy Easter, Cheryl Hunt, Craijetta Lewis, Dianne Lowmann, Jen Miller and Angela Blount.

On Nov. 3 our staff celebrated the opening of a new counseling office in the East End of Henrico County, made possible through a collaborative partnership with Housing Families First. The new space, nicknamed “Safe Harbor East,” is a big step toward our goal of bridging the gap in our services to residents in both ends of the county.

Our clients who live in the East End face a long drive to and from weekly sessions. If transportation is an issue for them, they don’t have access to a straightforward, safe bus route that leads directly to our community office.

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Executive Director Cathy Easter and Beth Vann-Turnbull, Executive Director of Housing Families First

Hopefully, our new counseling space will ease both of these constraints and allow more survivors to access our free services. An incredible team of HandsOn Day volunteers from Allianz painted the space before the grand opening, and our sexual and domestic violence counselor Craijetta Lewis is already meeting clients there on Tuesdays.

“I am excited to be part of this East End initiative with Housing Families First because the collaboration will bridge the transportation barrier for East End Henrico residents,” Craijetta said. “Furthermore this collaboration will allow under-served populations such as African-Americans and Latinos easily accessible services to address intimate partner violence and/or sexual assault. It’s exciting because all residents in Henrico County are able to access Safe Harbor services without barriers.”

Wherever you’re located in Henrico County, you can contact us for free, confidential counseling services.

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