Rosie_FlaxMs. Rosie is retiring.

It is hard to imagine Safe Harbor without Rosie Flax. Rosie has been a part of the Safe Harbor family since it all began in 2000. Rosie began her career in the emergency shelter as Relief Staff. Relief staff personnel were the people that worked in the shelter anytime full time or part time staff took off. At that time the shelter had staff coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Her job title later changed to Client Services Advocate.

Rosie was always the person that would volunteer to do additional shifts when needed. I recall a time there was a big snow storm and Rosie actually stayed in the shelter two to three days to ensure the shelter had coverage.

All of the clients respect Ms. Rosie because she is genuine and a “no-nonsense kind of girl.” Rosie motivates the clients because they trust her judgment and integrity. Rosie’s insight, support and stability have made the shelter a consistent force over the years. Even though her physical strength is not what it used to be, Rosie continues to work her scheduled shifts and on-call and is still a devoted advocate for our survivors.

We all will miss her and wish her a HAPPY AND HEALTHY RETIREMENT.


cheryl_hunt_thumb2Cheryl Hunt

Director of Safe Houses