Honor Beth Strother by raising funds to support survivors of intimate partner violence.

Becky Loos will be strapping on her running shoes on March 15th and taking on the New York City Half Marathon. The date of the run is important – she is running to honor the memory of Beth Strother, who lost her life on March 14, 1995 at the hands of her boyfriend when she was only 22 years old.

Twenty years have passed and the need is still real. Becky is joining with Beth’s mother, Claire Sheppard, to raise money for Safe Harbor, the only dedicated sexual and domestic violence program in Henrico County, VA. Their goal is to honor Beth, and all survivors who have found themselves in similar situations. Donations to “Running Heals” will support survivors of sexual and domestic violence seeking services at Safe Harbor.

Please help cheer on Becky with a donation of any size!

Becky Loos is an avid runner who serves on the board of Safe Harbor. Cheer her on with a donation!

Becky and Claire both serve on Safe Harbor’s board and met because of their board service. After hearing Beth’s story, and realizing the significance of the date of the NYC Half Marathon, Becky felt moved to do something. As a means of her own healing, Becky started her running journey three years ago. She shares:

A broken spirit was not serving me well and I had to shed those negative feelings, those numbing doubts of self worth and find a greater self driven focus. Running saved me.

Joining the board of Safe Harbor gave Becky a similar purpose. Empowering people to rise above and beyond their own personal struggle, no matter how limiting it may seem to be, is the reason Becky supports Safe Harbor.

Beth with her mother Claire, who serves as an advocate for survivors of sexual and domestic violence.
Beth with her mother Claire, who advocates for survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

Since she lost Beth, Claire Sheppard has made it her mission to turn this devastating incident into an opportunity to support others in similar situations. Claire has been a board member for Safe Harbor for five years, active in the cause to end domestic and sexual abuse, all the while working tirelessly to raise funds to help the survivors of violence that seek services through Safe Harbor.

Safe Harbor did not exist when Beth’s life was cut short, but it’s not too late for many survivors who live in our community. Our mission is to empower survivors of sexual and domestic violence to transform their lives, and promote healthy relationships for all.

Thank you for investing in our mission, but more importantly, thank you for honoring Beth.