RAP Members -- missing

RAP Members — Ted Heck (VAVP), Quillen Drew (VSDVAA), Jackie Small (VAVP), Stacie Vecchietti (Safe Harbor), Shannon Marling (GCCR – SAGE), Maria Altonen (VSDVAA and VAVP Board Member), Hieu Tran (SONG) and Charles Dyson (ROSMY). Missing from the photo is a representative from the Fan Free Clinic.

Safe Harbor is honored to be a partner in the Richmond Area Partnership (RAP), a federally-funded initiative charged with assessing services available, identifying gaps in services and strengthening assistance available to LGBTQ-identified persons impacted by sexual and domestic violence. The group is also examining the impact of culture, especially Southern culture, on the experience of victimization and healing for LGBTQ-identified individuals.  

The Virginia Anti-Violence Project (VAVP) submitted a grant proposal to the United States Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women in 2012. Funding was received and RAP started work right away! The RAP is comprised of the following agencies: VAVP, Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, Southerners on New Ground, Safe Harbor, Fan Free Clinic, Gay Community Center of Richmond and ROSMY.

RAP initially assessed current services, identified gaps in services and worked to address these. Since the inception of RAP, LGBTQ Warmlinean LGBTQ helpline has been launched (1.866.356.6998, Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm) and individual support is available to LGBTQ-identified persons who have experienced domestic and/or sexual violence. The group has developed and offered healthy relationships classes for youth and adults. Professional trainings are also being offered upon request to deepen organizational capacity to respond to individuals at the intersections of their identities.  To learn more about these services, please contact Jackie Small at  804.441.4269 or communityadvocate@virginiaavp.org. To set up a training, please contact Maria Altonen at 804.377.0335 or maltonen@vsdvalliance.org.

Safe Harbor is honored to be a part of this work and looks forward to the impact it will have in the RVA community and beyond!