A hand to hold. A connection to community resources. A steady presence during an uncertain and often frightening time. Someone who believes and supports you.

We make sure that petitioners have support to know they’re not
alone.  Alex Smith, Court Advocacy Volunteer

Safe Harbor’s court advocacy program supports around 500 persons per year seeking protective orders through the Henrico Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. Requesting a protective order may be the first time a victim of domestic violence has asked for help. The care and support received from members of the Court Advocacy team is crucial in helping survivors understand their options and choose the ones that best suit each person’s situation.

Karla Rinn

This team is led by Karla Rinn. Karla and her team of volunteers are available each day the court is open and work seamlessly with our partners at the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court House to ensure that survivors are supported through the protective order process.

Alex Smith is a volunteer in Safe Harbor’s Court Advocacy team. She and other volunteers on the team provide significant support to those seeking protective orders at Henrico Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. These volunteers provide over 100 hours of service each month.

I cannot fathom having to go through a process like that without having
someone at your side to explain and encourage. It takes a lot of courage to
petition for a protective order against someone, and anything that can be done to make it less of an ordeal is invaluable.

Alex discusses why she volunteers and the difference it has made in her life in this youtube video:

Safe Harbor Court Advocacy Volunteer

Thank you Alex and all of our volunteers who support those seeking protective orders. Your service is amazing!

When I’m here, because here I feel like I am exactly where I need to be; doing exactly what I should be doing.