Great ideas. Positive energy. Willing to do the work.

Stinson Mundy graduated from the Winter 2011 volunteer training class and immediately dove into her work as an advocate. Stinson has served on RHART and Public Relations Committee providing countless hours of direct service to those in need and sharing her ideas and experience within the PR committee. She made an immediate impact on the PR Committee.

Her previous volunteer experiences and training as an attorney allow her to seamlessly serve in both volunteer roles. She has a keen ability to see both the “small” and “big” picture in her interactions and to shift between these.

Stinson’s expertise in social media has been helpful to staff and members of the Public Relations Committee as the agency ventured into this previously unchartered territory. Stinson used her connections and experience to help guide and support Safe Harbor’s efforts to reach the RVA community.

Even more importantly, her passion and dedication to raising awareness keeps our efforts moving and growing.

Getting our message out to one person who may not have paid attention before is an important step to addressing the overall problem. It only takes one match to start a fire even if it takes a while to get the match lit.

Members of Safe Harbor’s governance team serve on the Board of Directors and its committees — Donor Relations, Finance, Governance, Personnel & Operations and Public Relations — to provide guidance, support and vision to the agency. Members of the governance team provide new ideas, implementation and evaluation strategies and opportunities for Safe Harbor to share its message of hope.

Karen Buchanan, President of Safe Harbor's Board of Directors

Governance committee members devote many hours to supporting the mission of Safe Harbor sharing their individual talents in doing so. Their expertise allows Safe Harbor to better serve our community!

We are thankful for our governance volunteer team members! We couldn’t do this work without you. THANK YOU!

During the month of April, we will be highlighting each of Safe Harbor’s volunteer teams and a member of each team. We hope you’ll enjoy learning about the valuable service our volunteers provide to support those who have experienced sexual and/or domestic violence and our work to promote healthy relationships and healthy sexuality. We could not do all that we do without our dedicated volunteers!!! Thank you all for your support.

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