From Boomer Magazine:

Safe Harbor, which breaks the cycle of domestic violence through education, advocacy, counseling and shelter, is gearing up for its final volunteer training session of the year. Volunteer training starts in September, with class participants registering now for the six-week class.

“As a fully accredited domestic violence program, volunteers must undergo 20 to 40 hours of training. Those who have gone through it say it’s a life-changing experience,” says Angela Verdery, Safe Harbor’s public information manager. “Participants talk about intimate partner violence, culture and society. It’s a powerful experience with a lot of aha moments.”

Safe Harbor volunteer opportunities include being a member of the Court Advocacy Team, the House Team or the Hospital Accompaniment Team, among others. And those aren’t just fancy titles. “Volunteers do a lot of the same work as paid staff. They are truly part of the Safe Harbor team,” says Verdery. “We have lots of needs. We encourage volunteers to go where their passion is. We work with each volunteer to give them what they need.”

If your need for Giving Back can be met through Safe Harbor, apply at