Safe Harbor is conducting a series of conversations both in person and online to gain input and insight on how to provide more comprehensive, sensitive, and appropriate services to straight, cisgender* male survivors.

*Cisgender: A term for people who have a match between the gender they were assigned at birth, their bodies, and their personal identity.*

While we know intimate partner and sexual violence predominantly impact female-identified individuals, there are are straight, cisgender male survivors in our community, many of whom are not being served by a local program like Safe Harbor.

As you reflect on your responses to these questions, we encourage you to think across the identity spectrum and intentionally attempt to include the experiences of traditionally marginalized and/or opressed populations including, but not limited to: people of color, individuals who are immigrants and/or refugees, individuals with disabilites (both visible and not visible), both the young and our community elders, non-Christian identified individuals, and homeless and/or low-income individuals.

Thank you for your time! Here is the survey link: