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Planned Giving

Preparing an estate plan will provide you peace of mind knowing that your assets will be protected and distributed according to your wishes. You can leave a legacy that provides for both your loved ones and for causes you hold dear to your heart.

If Safe Harbor holds a special place in your heart, consider including us in your estate plans. You will be able to give a gift that reflects your values and serves as a lasting legacy.

Discussing your charitable intentions with us can lead to a much better result than going it alone – and will ensure that your gift is used just as you wish. For more information contact Executive Director Cathy Easter at 804-249-9470 x 11 or cathy@safeharborshelter.com.



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In June 2011, Safe Harbor was the recipient of a bequest from Mrs. Lora Robins, which was used to create an endowment for the agency. We are extremely grateful to Mrs. Robins, and the entire Robins family, for their generous support.

This transformational gift will ensure Safe Harbor’s existence for the foreseeable future and beyond, enabling us to continue to carry out our mission. A small portion of the endowment fund supports general operational costs each year. Gifts of cash, stock or planned gifts are accepted to support our endowment.

Including Safe Harbor in your estate planning is an excellent way to support our mission for years to come. To learn more about making a planned gift to the Lora M. Robins Society, please call the Development Office at (804) 249-9470 x17.

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