sam and camillaMeet our third Hot Healthy Love couple, Samantha Mills and Camilla Hill! They met two years ago through their work at VCU, and they are engaged to be married in May!

Camilla and Sam were nominated by their friend Torey Stockwell, who believes the pair was meant for each other.

“They love each other in every way and work together so well,” Stockwell said of the pair. “I know that I can always count on both of them…They have a love that I have never seen before and it inspires me in my own relationship everyday.”

Sam and Camilla’s story is one of love at first sight, and their chemistry is proof that opposites attract. Introverted Sam shared that Camilla’s extroverted and talkative nature took a little adjusting to, and Camilla shared that she helped Sam to better communicate her feelings. They agree that learning your partner’s “love language” can help you be a better partner by showing them appreciation in the way they most enjoy. (Sam knows Camilla’s love language is touch and physical affection, while Sam’s love language is spending quality time with Camilla and running errands together.)

They shared that in their experience with past relationships, vying for power leads to trouble, so they focus on maintaining balance. When it comes to supporting each other, picking up the slack when someone had a rough day can be the perfect pick-me-up. And if making time for date night is a struggle, just send one another an email calendar invite so you won’t forget.

Listen to Camilla and Sam share their love story (there were 2 proposals!) and discuss what makes their relationship strong:

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