HHL Composite 2014Healthy love is alive and well in RVA! We are so honored that couples chose to share their love stories and appreciate all of your support throughout the series.

Thank you for nominating, reading and sharing these stories. We hope you were as inspired by them as we were!

Here are some things we learned from them:

Love can grow stronger when tested — many of our couples faced significant challenges in life and love (illness, distance, family and financial strain). Their steadfast support of one another helped them endure the difficulty and grow closer together.

Love can be unexpected — couples found love in many different ways (existing friendships, random meetings, high school gyms) and often not according to one’s plan!

Supporting outside interests strengthens love — being a whole person makes one a better partner. Many had jobs, interests and life circumstances that would necessitate significant time apart. A “team” approach to life and love was evident in the couples featured. Identifying strategies to keep love strong when apart was crucial.

Common core beliefs — many of the couples featured this year shared common core beliefs and often faith communities. The couples felt these helped ground and support their relationships.

Love is a gift. Cherish it! — couples featured spoke openly of how fortunate they felt to have found love (however it appeared in their lives!) and how they worked diligently to maintain it.

Here are this year’s stories:

William and Zoe
Onca and Paul
Elizabeth and Justin
Ted and Laura
Kathleen and David
Rondy and Tiara
Melissa and Suzi

We look forward to sharing more love stories with you next year!