Melissa and Suzi's Wedding

Melissa and Suzi’s Wedding

A wrong number? Melissa was in disbelief when she tried to call Suzi after meeting through mutual friends 11 years ago. Their friends quickly corrected the error and the rest is history.

The two share a history full of adventure. Both are of the “Go BIG or go home” philosophy so their years have been spent facing many challenges: marathons, Ironman competitions, complete home makeovers, significant career changes, parenthood… now the two are facing their most serious difficulty yet: Melissa’s breast cancer diagnosis.

Melissa’s illness and treatment have forced her to slow down. She’s had to let go of expectations and live more in the present moment: a gift Suzi models. This experience has revealed new levels of strength for both partner. Both believe life is full of the sweet and the sour. While they would have never chosen Melissa’s cancer, they know this is an

If you're losing your hair, I'm losing mine!

If you’re losing your hair, I’m losing mine!

opportunity for them to grow even deeper in their love.

They are the hottest couple I know!!! How they have supported each other amid Melissa’s breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is an inspiration and an example of healthy love.
Sarah Milston, friend of the couple

While they share common core beliefs and principles, their divergent personalities can be a source of contention. It was important to them that people reading their story understood they weren’t perfect! They work hard to keep their relationship strong, to love and grow together and to never give up. As they put it, “We’re too stubborn to fail!”

Their mutual love and admiration radiated throughout the interview. Both Melissa and Suzi shared openly their challenges together and their deep appreciation for one another. There is no doubt they can conquer anything that comes their way. We wish them the best as their love story continues to unfold and to Melissa amid her treatment.

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