Tiara and Rondi

Tiara and Rondy

Something about being together was just “right” from the beginning. Tiara and Rondy can’t explain it but from the first time they met, there was a level of comfort they hadn’t previously experienced with anyone else.

Their relationship quickly blossomed. Sooner into their relationship than they had planned, Rondy and Tiara learned (as you’ll hear in this video in a quite public way) that they were expecting a child. The support they received from their friends and family was astounding.

To better provide for their growing family, Rondy enrolled in Job Corps. Unfortunately, this took him away from their beloved Richmond and to West Virginia. While he enjoyed the work and the learning, being apart was very difficult for both Tiara and Rondy, especially since he was gone during her pregnancy.

Rondi, Ashantee and Tiara at their wedding

Rondy, Ashantee and Tiara at their wedding

Tiara developed some complications with her pregnancy that necessitated an expedited delivery. Unfortunately, the complications continued after the birth of their daughter Ashantee and Tiara was hospitalized. Rondy stayed by her side comforting her and worrying for her health. It was during this time that Rondy proposed to Tiara (with a small bit of prompting from her mother). She immediately said, “YES!!!” as both knew their lives were meant to be spent together.

Shortly after this, Rondy made the difficult decision to leave Job Corps so he could be with his fiancé and daughter. The two married several months later in an intimate ceremony with their family and friends.

Rondy and Tiara were nominated by their support person through the Resource Mothers program who was inspired by their love and commitment. Here’s part of her nomination for them:

What inspires me about them is the ability they have to continue to work on their relationship; they are always trying to give their all to the relationship. They keep the lines of communication open and want to be role models to their child. They want their child to grow up an environment that is loving, caring, nurturing and stress free. Even though they are young, they work hard to keep the relationship growing.

We wish Rondy and Tiara (and their sweet toddler Ashantee) all the best as their love story continues to unfold!

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