EngagementPictureWho knew a night in a gym full of teenagers would be the catalyst for a beautiful love story? Pretty sure David Kern wasn’t expecting that when he volunteered to help with the first annual Deep Run Marathon Dance (DRMD) coordinated by Kathleen. He stayed long past his three hour shift as something about Kathleen intrigued him. It still does.

Kathleen grew up in New York where a dance marathon was a huge part of her community. This event brought the community together and inspired significant philanthropy. She wanted that spirit to be fostered at Deep Run High School, where she is a teacher. With some help from experienced marathon dance organizers and the Deep Run community, the first DRMD was held in 2007. This event has been held annually since then and raised over $1,000,000 to support local non-profit organizations.

Kathleen and David’s love story blossomed within the Deep RunDave&I community and has been fostered by its members. Committee members and their families are part of the Kern family. They participated in the Kern’s wedding and are surrogate aunts and uncles to the Kern’s small children. Their relationship is intricately connected to the DRMD. This labor of love sustains and centers them.

The Kerns have two small children and are feeling the strain of that experience; additionally, both are currently working two jobs to support their family. They work diligently to provide love and support to one another and their family. They cite their kids as part of their inspiration to be better partners to one another. IMG_7521Both want their children to witness their strong love. They also credit their parents’ love stories and love for them as inspirations to be better partners to each other. The examples their parents set and the steadfast love they experience provides significant support for the couple.

Kathleen and David talk about their engagement and more about the influence of their family in this video clip.

The Kern’s children are quite fortunate. They witness a strong, sustaining love between their parents and a part of the Deep Run community dedicated to making the world a better place. We are grateful for couples like the Kerns who love each other and their communities.


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