Ted and Laura

Ted and Laura

While Ted and Laura had met years before (Laura participated in a group for high school and college-age Quaker youth Ted facilitated, so the timing was not right for them to date then), a mutual friend decided in 2007 that they must date! Both Ted and Laura are very active in their Quaker faith community and had opportunities to see each other regularly even though they were living in different cities. They started communicating outside of meetings and began dating officially that October.

The couple’s values bind them and stretch them. They are actively involved in their faith community (both locally and beyond) and also work to promote social and economic justice on local, state and national levels. Both identify as members of the LGBTQ community and devote significant efforts promoting social justice for LGBTQ-identified individuals.

“Team Ted and Laura,” as they sometimes call themselves, support one another and further their shared goals and values. This often involves a delicate balancing act. Their activist lifestyles require significant commitment outside their home and a shared dedication to making the world a better place (while also maintaining their strong love).

The couple were nominated by Safe Harbor’s Stacie Vecchietti who has known and worked with both Ted and Laura for many years. Here’s why she nominated them:

Ted and Laura’s faith and faith community (the Quaker Friends) brought them together and, I think, sustain them through times of business and stress. They are both leaders in Friends spaces, both locally and nationally, and they both truly work to personify the values of their faith. They are also both social justice advocates and work to create justice and peace in the world.goren_heck125

To decompress from their numerous responsibilities, the couple enjoy spending time together and with close family and friends. They have three cats who provide endless entertainment! They also love games of all types and spending time outside.

Ted and Laura married last summer in two special ceremonies. While their “legal” ceremony took place in Laura’s home town of Baltimore last August, they regard their ceremony at the Richmond Friends Meeting last July as more meaningful to them. Within this space, their faith community shared their commitment to Ted and Laura’s relationship.

We wish Ted and Laura all the best as they continue to love and support one another while changing the world!

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