Paul and Onca

Paul and Onca

Onca and Paul share a connection that has spanned 16 tears and a love that seems “meant to be.” Both felt when they met if things had been different, they would be together. But, when they met, both were committed to other relationships and worked diligently to maintain those. Over time, those relationships ended and Paul and Onca chose to be together.

Paul and Onca wedding

Paul and Onca Wedding

This choice involved lots of romantic as well as lots of practical decisions. Onca has two children from her previous marriage and their well-being was at the forefront of considerations. Paul and his family have embraced their roles as dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! Paul has lots of family in the Richmond area so Onca’s sons gained a HUGE family when they married. This sense of family and permanency is a sense of comfort for all.

Both Paul and Onca both work in the performing arts. Their jobs require them to travel throughout the United States and beyond. Maintaining connection as a couple and a sense of stability and normalcy for their children is a delicate balancing act — one of their toughest tasks! In this video, they discuss the importance of communication and the strategies they employ to keep their love strong when apart.

We should add that we don’t believe that there’s only one ‘right’ person for everyone. But this is really, really right! Paul and Onca

Being around them, one definitely sees a love that is really right! We wish them all the best as their love story continues to unfold!

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