William and Zoe

William and Zoe

When faced with their greatest crisis, Zoe and William discovered the true depth of their love. Zoe’s cancer diagnosis stopped both in their tracks and re-charted their love story.

Since meeting at church choir practice and connecting one New Year’s Eve, Zoe and William enjoyed several years of marriage which included William serving as an amazing father to Zoe’s three children (the couple now are proud grandparents to 7 amazing grandchildren). As much as Zoe appreciated William, something wasn’t quite as she wished for it to be.

Upon Zoe’s diagnosis with cancer, things shifted. Zoe had long held to a certain idea of what love is. She thinks this idea kept her from fully realizing the depth of William’s love for her and to fully develop her love for him. Her diagnosis changed everything.

william and zoe 2In that time, she saw and experienced his love in a new way. His support for her during the difficult decisions that cancer forces and his care for her during all the changes she endured cemented their relationship and their love.

It is difficult to fully describe the love and connection William and Zoe have. You can experience more about the love and connection they share by watching this video clip.

Sitting with Zoe and William, their love for one another is apparent and abundant. We are grateful they chose to share their love story with us and know it will continue to grow.