HHL 2013 CompositeWe are so grateful for the couples who chose to share their love stories with us for the 2013 Hot Healthy Love series. These couples shared very personal information about their lives and their love to inspire and encourage others.

We believe that every person deserves healthy love in every relationship. This series is always full of lessons about healthy love.

Here are some things we learned this year:

  • Working with your spouse can be challenging but is also quite rewarding. Several of the couples featured in this year’s series worked together and found that clearly delineating roles at work helped their professional and personal relationship!
  • Crises will happen and they will test and ultimately strengthen your relationship. Several of the couples in this series had endured medical, professional and other crises. These opportunities were difficult and the couples figured out ways to renegotiate their lives and their relationships.
  • Parenting is difficult and can have a significant impact on your relationship. Work together to find common ground and present a united front. Get help if you find that parenting is negatively impacting your relationship with your partner.
  • It is important to address conflict. The couples in this series have found healthy ways to deal with life’s difficulties and find solutions together.
  • FUN. These couples are fun. They love each other and they love their lives together. They laugh and enjoy one another.
  • Get help. The couples in this series sought help when problems became too great for them. The individual and couples therapy many used strengthened their relationships.
  • Have a support network. The couples in this series talked about their friends and family and how these helped them as individuals and couples.
  • Be your partner’s biggest fan! Honor and name the strengths and gifts of your partner. Allow time for shared and individual interests.

There are many more tips and ideas we could share from the experiences of the couples featured in the 2013 Hot Healthy Love Series. If you haven’t already, please read their stories. Also, be thinking of who you want to nominate for the 2014 Hot Healthy Love series!

Thank you for your support. Together, we are making RVA a more loving community.

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