Marc and Tony Before online dating sites (yes, there was a time they didn’t exist), there were phone dating sites. Profiles didn’t have pictures. You just had the sound of someone’s voice and the little bit they shared about themselves and what they were looking for in a relationship. As with all dating, this is a risky venture. Who would you meet? Would they be what they said?

Tony and Marc successfully navigated through a phone dating site, found one another and haven’t looked back. Both were pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to talk to one another, with their common interests and with the connection they felt. Their relationship blossomed and has grown into a sustaining force in their lives. This growth has presented many unique challenges for the couple.

For most of their relationship, Marc and Tony have not only been a couple, they have also worked together. As they put it, “We’re pretty much together 24 hours a day!” While this does present challenges, they have created clear delineations in their work responsibilities to establish boundaries and limits. These are flexible though to best suit the couple. (They currently own Feathernesters, a tea room and home decor shop in Richmond’s Northside.) Marc is an amazing cook (one of his specialties was featured on the Food Network!) and Tony is always willing to help when Marc needs. Tony manages the retail component of their business and Marc is quick to step in when help is needed. Both respect the expertise of the other and strive to support their individual strengths. Their business is a testament to their partnership professionally and personally.

Marc and Tony with Santa ClausMarc and Tony have a very large family. In their home are three dogs and three cats (they confess they’d have more if space permitted!). While the four-legged children bring them great joy, the pride and joy of their lives are Tony’s children. While their family may not fit a traditionalist’s definition, the love and respect throughout it is apparent and the result of purposeful efforts to unite the family. Tony and his ex-wife work together with support from Marc to raise their three children. They all take trips, celebrate birthdays and enjoy time together. Through the challenges families face, the children have three adults dedicated to loving and supporting them. What a beautiful gift.

Marc and Tony strive to love, honor and support one another throughout their relationship. Both are willing to try something new or to step outside of their “comfort zone” in order to meet the other’s need. Both are keenly aware of one another’s needs and adapt to best support their partner. Tony’s extroverted nature can quickly become calmer and more reflective when Marc needs help. Marc’s quiet nature can also adapt to best support Tony. They are attune to one another and provide significant support and love to one another.

Marc and Tony are busy running a business, raising a family and making the most of their lives. We are grateful they have found deep love and look forward to watching their love story continue to grow.

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