Josh and AndreaJosh and Andrea run The Gray Haven Project, a non-profit which provides services to those impacted by human trafficking while also raising awareness of this serious social issue. Starting a non-profit organization together is symbolic of the passion, dedication and faith which are central to their relationship. The stress, joy and satisfaction from serving others has strengthened their bond and provided deep meaning in their lives.

Both noticed early in their relationship that being together made each better. They brought out the best in one another. They realized they were made to be together. Their shared dreams, wishes, hopes and goals bound them even tighter. They not only share a workplace — they share a vision of their lives and their community. They work to make that vision a reality and grow closer together in doing so.  

Prior to dating, Josh and Andrea developed a solid friendship. That Josh and Andreafriendship blossomed into a strong, passionate love. This friendship was fueled by their shared dreams and beliefs. The emotional intimacy that developed from this friendship bolsters their love each day. It provides intensity, depth and passion in their lives and helps sustain their love.

Josh and Andrea know that fun and laughter (including being able to laugh at themselves) are key to their relationship and maintaining balance in a difficult profession. Josh and Andrea share their engagement story on this video. It is full of love and humor.

From their video, you can tell that there is a great deal of love and affection between Josh and Andrea. Working in a stressful and meaningful job requires a lot of their souls. They have both found that is is incredibly important to take care of each other. Neither may know when things have become “too much” but the connection they share helps balance each of them. Josh knows when Andrea needs some old episodes of “Friends” to help her unwind and Andrea knows when Josh needs to take a walk to regain his perspective. This commitment to keeping each other strong, healthy and focused is vital to their relationship.

Josh and AndreaAnother key to their success has been understanding the commitment necessary and the sacrifices that accompany running a non-profit while finding joy in that each day. Both Josh and Andrea share a strong faith and believe their work is part of their purpose and calling in our community. This faith and shared belief unites and strengthens them.

We are grateful that we have had the ability to enjoy each other and love each other when we have to survive with very little and know that at the same time we are in so many ways very blessed even if the only thing we had was PB&J in our pantry.

Josh and Andrea

Negotiating conflict has been an evolving process for Josh and Andrea. Both have struggled and grown in this throughout their relationship. While initially adhering to the “Don’t go to bed angry” school of thought, they found that staying up late trying to work something out only made them very tired but also less likely to come up with an adequate solution! Both have learned that a good night’s sleep can add much needed perspective to a conflict. This space allows each to regroup and determine the heart of the conflict so that they are better prepared to address it. They have also learned to be kind, not to expect the other to “read their mind,” and to be patient with one another. Both are quite capable of saying, “I’m sorry,” and accepting responsibility within their relationship. They find their bond growing even stronger as they negotiate challenges together.

We are grateful that Josh and Andrea found one another and that they share a deep love. We are also thankful for their work in our community. We wish them all the best as their love story continues to unfold.

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