Sarah and Amber MilstonSarah took notice when Amber walked into the non-profit in which she worked and wanted to volunteer. A few days later, both found themselves at a Labor Day party hosted by a mutual friend. They spent the entire night talking — “bickering” is probably the term an observer would use to describe their interaction. They discussed topics serious and mundane with honesty and quick wit. Both left that night a bit befuddled. What just happened?

They kept thinking about one another. Neither was looking for a relationship. Sarah had just began graduate school and quit smoking and was in what she called a “self-improvement kick.” Relationships take time. Did either have that time?

Both found their relationship to be a secure place in a very trying time. Within the first year of their relationship, they faced the death of a parent, the loss of a job, and the serious injury of another parent… each month seemed to hold another seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Together, they faced each challenge and found a love that not only survived considerable hardship but also grew deeper each day.

Hear them describe how they knew they were in love (followed up by how they came up with their last name) in this video: Sarah & Amber falling in love.

The honesty mentioned earlier has been a hallmark in their relationship and how they quickly diffuse tension and address issues. Both see it as essential to figure out why conflict is happening and to deal with it effectively as soon as possible. Some may be uncomfortable with this style at first but see the love, care and commitment evident within it upon closer examination.

Arguing is healthy, it’s like letting the steam out of a pot of boiling water. We found it better to deal with conflict as it happens rather than waiting until it builds up and gets huge.  

Sarah and AmberSarah and Amber with their oldest daughter

Sarah and Amber have two lovely daughters and recently added Amber’s 16-year-old nephew to their family. To keep their love strong, they take time to appreciate and support one another. Sometimes this is in big ways (changing jobs to help accommodate their growing family) and sometimes smaller gestures (love notes, emptying the dishwasher, favorite flowers). They credit date nights (happening a few times a month) with helping them stay focused on their love amid their busy lives as working moms.

I am inspired when I think about how much I have in my partner.  She is my best friend, my parenting partner, my biggest fan and my children’s mother. 

We are inspired by the love shared by Amber and Sarah. Their home is full of love, open communication, compassion and laughter… a wish we have for each home.

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