Marianna and Hutch on their Wedding Day

Marianna & Hutch on their Wedding Day

Marianna and Hutch found love at work… in the accounting department no less! Simple gestures of help grew to a deep friendship and an incredible love. It keeps growing each day.

Marianna is quick to laugh and Hutch loves to make her laugh (he jokes it isn’t that difficult but he will work at it if needed!). To hear Marianna’s heart-warming laughter, watch this video. The ease of their communication shows great love and connection.

One key to their love story has been how they address conflict and challenges. They both learned to address conflict quickly so it didn’t escalate. Both have learned to “let it go” after addressing it and move on. Neither could name a significant challenge in their lives together. Their ability to quickly address difficulties has undoubtedly contributed to this.

They are one of the happiest most compatible couples that I know. They are the true definition of what a healthy relationship looks like! After all their years together, you can still see that special spark in their eyes for each other!!!!!

Claire Sheppard, friend of Marianna and Hutch

If you really want to see them really happy, ask them about their daughter, Rhonda. Both spoke of her, her husband and their house and stable of grandanimals (Rhonda and her husband foster mastiffs and horses) with great joy!

Ways to show their love for their family are very important to them. Hutch’s training as a CPA has helped him be quite the frugal shopper. They use these savings to help as they can (because horses and mastiffs eat A LOT of food!!!).

Marianna and Hutch also addressed health concerns with a dedication and support for one another. They completely overhauled their diets and started taking daily walks through their neighborhoods. This was difficult for both at first but they persisted together. Both are much healthier now and are quite proud of the results of their efforts. They know together this lifestyle change was successful.

Both are quiet, humble and very warm. It is delightful to spend time with this lovely couple who are deeply in love after over 35 years together. We wish the best to Marianna and Hutch as they continue their love story!

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