It was an honor to share some of RVA’s love stories! Thank you to all who nominated, participated and read the stories. This promotion confirmed our belief that there are a lot of couples out there experiencing enduring, passionate love!

Meeting the diverse couples also confirmed a few things about love. Here are some of the things the couples had in common:

  • FUN — laugh and have fun together were two of the most common pieces of advice offered by couples. The couples were also often described as fun.
  • NURTURE their RELATIONSHIP — couples in our series take time to be together (as difficult as that may be in our hectic lives!) and make the most of that time.
  • ENDURE CHALLENGE TOGETHER — couples in our serres had faced a variety of hardships together and felt these made their love for and committment to one another stronger.
  • CELEBRATE (or at least TOLERATE) their DIFFERENCE S — difference is expected when two lives are joined; handling that in a respectful manner (at the least!) helped couples manage these differences.
  • HAVE SHARED and INDIVIDUAL INTERESTS — couples supported one another’s interests including those that weren’t common interests. This space to be “me” and not just “we” strengthened each individual and their respective relationships.
  • RELATIONSHIP ROLE MODELS ARE IMPORTANT: while these do not have to be from each person’s nuclear family witnessing a couple who had endured the ups and downs of life together provides guidance (and hope!) for couples.

Next Steps:

Follow us on tumblr — our site is dedicated to love stories. Some are still going strong. Some have ended but taught powerful lessons. Others are the ones we observed. Our tumblr space is where you can share your story. Please send us content (quote, picture with story, short video). Visit our site to learn more.

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Nominate a couple for next year’s Hot Healthy Love promotion. We’ll run the stories in February again next year!

Celebrate the love in your life!

In case you missed any of them, here are all the stories we shared this February:

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