Love changes us, surprises us and helps us become more than we thought we could be. Michelle and Georgi’s love story does all these things and more.

While working together, Michelle and Georgi developed a great friendship. They had a lot of fun together in a challenging work setting and supported one another; they never expected to fall in love. When they did, they saw this as a gift and worked to nurture that love.

Since meeting in 2007, they have endured many changes in their relationship. These career-focused gals always take time for one another. Their early days involved lots of travel to help them take time from their hectic lives and enjoy time together without the normal distractions of life.

Deciding to become parents changed this a bit… travel is more difficult with a young child. Now the couple have a weekly date night thanks to the support of friends and family who babysit for them. This night is special and protected for Michelle and Georgi. It allows them to reconnect as partners… so crucial once partners also become parents!

Find time to nurture your love for one another. Life can be busy, chaotic, hectic — you name it — but love is a once in a lifetime thing and, as we have learned, there is no guarantee about how much time you have here.

Three years ago, their lives changed significantly as Michelle was diagnosed with ALS. Both Michelle and Georgi had to reassess their lives, their relationship, and their goals so that they could make the very most of the time they have together (they were initially told Michelle has 2-5 years to live after her diagnosis). They handled Michelle’s diagnosis “head on” as Georgi stated. The couple have relied on each other and their strong support network to aid them through the diagnosis of a terminal illness.  

The one thing we have learned is that our love is always the champion

Michelle and Georgi were nominated by their friend and Safe Harbor Community Organizing Manager, Stacie Vecchietti. Stacie has witnessed the couple handle challenges with courage and their love grow throughout it all. She is inspired by their constant love and affection for one another, their daughter and all who are in their lives.

Michelle and Georgi’s wedding was another way they celebrated their connection to one another and to their friends and family. The couple were married by a close friend, Mac. Mac and his wife Donna were cited as one of the couple’s relationship role models for the way they balance the many demands of life while growing and nurturing their love.  It was important to Michelle and Georgi that they were married by someone whose own relationship was filled with love and affection.

Both feel it is important to leave a legacy of love for their daughter. They want to provide an example to her of a healthy relationship: one filled with trust, love, affection, respect, kindess and consideration. Their lovely daughter gets to see them live this each day… what a gift!

Coming next week! What We Learned from this Series and How to Keep Highlighting Hot Healthy Love

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