Charlie and Denis are both alumni from Washington and Lee. After graduation, Charlie worked for the university. A mutual friend invited Charlie to join he and Denis (who was passing through town) for lunch one day. Whether purposeful of not, that friend connected two soulmates.

Charlie and Denis met while both were at different stages of life. Denis had recently completed two post-graduate degrees and was looking for a bit slower life outside of the office. Charlie was ready to conquer the world. This didn’t always work for them.

Many couples face similar challenges in their relationships. Some are not able to tolerate the differences; Charlie and Denis knew their strong love for one another and their connection was more important than temporary life stage differences. They negotiated their differences to create a win-win situation for both.

Negotiating a long-distance relationship is another challenge Charlie and Denis faced early in their courtship. Denis really wanted to buy a house with Charlie but had to follow the advice he gave his brother who was contemplating a similar decision with his girlfriend: you can’t ask someone to live with you without a ring on their finger!

Charlie and Denis discuss their engagement and wedding in this video clip (again please excuse my laughter).

As you can see, Charlie and Denis are a lot of fun and love each other deeply. Laughter and fun are two of the keys to their relationship.

There’s no one I’d rather spend time with and no one who can make me laugh as much as he can.

Open, honest communication is another hallmark of their relationship. It’s a piece that has been enriched throughout their time together. They have sought ways to enhance their relationship and to show their love and affection for one another. They both read the Five Love Languages and have implemented that into their relationship to better show their appreciation for each other.

The couple have similar and varied interests. Their negotiating compromise for win-win situations sometimes takes each partner outside of his comfort zone. This is a risk each is willing to take to stregthen their bond and support their partner. They also enjoy watching movies when the weather doesn’t allow them to further perfect their yard or their 2 dogs or cat aren’t demanding too much attention!

The support of family and friends is vital to their relationship as they shared in their video clip. Charlie and Denis were nominated by their friend Stinson Mundy. Stinson serves on Safe Harbor’s Public Relations Committee. When the committee first discussed the Hot Healthy Love promotion, Stinson’s eyes lit up and she exclaimed, “I know who I am nominating!” In her nomination she shared the following:

Their love and friendship is inspiring… it is always refreshing and inspiring to see them openly express their love and affection

Their communication, humor, shared values and love grows each day. They are inspiring and fun!

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