Lisa and Dorothy met on a committee working on LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) inclusion in a Protestant denomination. Lisa, an outspoken person, and Dorothy, more reserved, did not click at first. Slowly, a friendship developed as they tentatively sought chances to spend time together. Love grew and remains strong.

We didn’t expect to fall in love and when we did, we realized it was a gift to be treasured, upon which a life together could be built

Lisa and Dorothy were the only couple in this promotion who were nominated twice. Safe Harbor Executive Director Kathleen Demro responded simply to the first email about the Hot Healthy Love promotion with the names “Lisa Furr and Dorothy Fillmore.” Lisa’s colleague Judi Link also nominated the couple.

They have a long-term monogamous committed relationship that has endured many challenges and in spite of it remain happy and in love.

Lisa and Dorothy shared that discrimination has been a reality for each of them separately and as a couple. Both experienced early career disruption and view homophobia as the root cause of this. Both struggled with initial opposition from family to their sexual orientation and their relationship. They left the denomination in which they met for one that fully welcomes and affirms them and their gifts. While these experiences have left scars for both, they have also served as opportunities for Lisa and Dorothy to grow closer and lean on each other.

Abundant love, affection and admiration are evident to any who spend time with the couple. Their words and actions resound care and kindness. “We show up every day for our relationship,” was one of the couples responses to how they show appreciation for one another. It is clear they do.

Lisa and Dorothy’s life is full of laughter and fun. The couple love camping and hiking and frequent state parks. They recently upgraded their camping equipment. Dorothy is quite happy that she will no longer be sleeping on the ground during their camping adventures! This hobby has become a family affair including sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews.

Lisa and Dorothy’s sense of community serves to sustain and support the couple. Lisa and Dorothy maintain close, strong relationships with their faith community, family of origin, friends and fellow members of their LGBT family.

Lisa and Dorothy have been together for 21 years and had a civil commitment ceremony in 1994. Friends and family attending the ceremony were asked to bless the couple.  It was important to Lisa and Dorothy that their community be given a chance to offer love and support. They have relied on that love and support when life gets hard.

Lisa and Dorothy’s advice to other couples,

Be who you are first before you commit to another.

Both encourage one another’s interests. Dorothy’s love inspires Lisa to be her best self. Lisa’s unwavering support allows Dorothy to discover more about herself and develop new talents. Both know they are more because of their relationship.

Lisa and Dorothy have navigated over 21 years of commitment with ever-growing love for one another. And their love story is still unfolding…

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