John and Julie’s high school French teacher gave them a funny in-class assignment: John had to ask Julie out on a date… in French and in front of the class! They aced the assignment and John thought he’d follow it up in English. These high school sweethearts are still going strong!

John received the call to ministry as his father and grandfather had. Julie has had to share John with each congregation he has served. He currently serves as the Senior Pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church, a congregation of approximately 3,000 in Richmond’s West End. Julie has to share John a lot.

Love calls us to do more

That changed a year and a half ago. Julie, a healthy nonsmoker (health educator and nurse), was diagnosed with lung cancer. John told her their first order of business was her health. Everything else could wait. And it did.

Patiently, they fought together. They believe this trial has made them stronger as a couple. I am happy to report that Julie was deemed free of cancer in December 2011.

John and Julie were nominated by Christina Saba, a member of their congregation. She emailed me immediately when she learned of the promotion as she wanted John and Julie to be included.

They are still so visibly crazy in love with one another. That, to me, is proof that deep, exciting love can indeed last.

John and Julie at their son's wedding

John and Julie are part of a legacy of love and have been happy to pass that legacy to their children. Both were so grateful to witness their parents’ strong marriages and learned much from them. Friends have teased Julie and John that they may have set their children’s expectations regarding relationships “too high.” They didn’t. John had the honor of marrying his oldest son and they are enjoying having a daughter(in-law)! Their children are continuing their legacy.

John and Julie make romance a priority in their relationship. They look for ways to show their affection and love for one another. They believe their love has been blessed by God and feel compelled to honor that gift.

We are stronger as “we” than as individuals. Our lives are inseparably bound.

We recorded some video content during our interview. It can be seen by clicking here.

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